Business Development can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better. This includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, and increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships and making strategic business decisions. We support you throughout all the steps, from the implementation of business policy and IT systems to staff training and strategic brand directions.


We focus on developing practical skills. Concepts alone will not result in the desired outcome. A two-way approach is always successful.

We provide high experience in how to reinforce individual skills in both the "mechanics" (strategies, processes) and the "soft" (communication, relationships) sides of business development.
Our knowledge and expertise in new business idea-start up.

Ensuring mutual understanding of client needs, problems and business environment through effective listening techniques.

Translating the services of the business in the context of the benefits those services provide for the client.

Creating a win-win approach to developing new business-one in which all actors involved can benefit.

We are convinced that effective and practical business development strategies can be learned and developed through effective coaching.

Smart Growth

The best choice for a profitable and sustainable growth

Smart Growth System is a business advisory services committed to delivering client-centric strategies and tools for accelerating growth and enhancing the value of your company. We work alongside business owners and leaders to identify barriers to growth and help you craft and implement a growth vision that works – for you, your employees, your customers, and all your stakeholders.

If you want to sustain smart growth, you must create a system that bridges the gap between your organization’s intent and the path of execution. This enables a reinforcing feedback loop; as people in your company execute actions, the resulting insights and data feed into the strategy and structure, enabling a proactive iteration cycle to enhance execution.

Our expertise

Our system advantages for a profitable and sustainable growth

Our approach of client-driven flexibility works with a broad range of organizations. From startups and emerging growth companies, to family-owned businesses and mid-market range companies. Industries and sectors, we encompass include tourism sectors, travel companies, community based business, energy, manufacturing, technology, distribution, transport and transfers, green tourist destinations and international corporates.

We can help you to transform your business to attain sustainable growth and be ahead of other competitors in the same field. This can be achieved only by a systematic work that stays in line with advantages such as:

Improve brand image that helps to stand out and compete with other businesses.

Minimize costs and increase productivity so your business can expand its profit margins. We look for the best solution that doesn’t harm but gives a boost to your brand and business productivity.
Make it easier for the business to comply with governments’ regulations for the industry. We help businesses to operate safely without effecting the environment negatively.
Tax benefits that are connected with green energy sources and eco friendly practices that increase chances to receiving more benefits.
Improving employee retention by using sustainable business practices that make employee happier and more cared for. This way has shown that employees are more productive when it comes to respectful and sustainable working practices.
Achieve business purpose and raise it to the front of your business identity as this makes consumers/customers more attracted. Incorporate CSR.

Waste reduction by engaging in sustainable product practices.

Innovative and ensuring strategies for business continuation through sustainable practices that support the company to conserve or regenerate available resources to step forward.

Up-sale B2C & OTA’s Clients

In an increasingly competitive, global industry, the ability of an OTA to sell and distribute services quickly without error is critical to driving growth and maintaining a competitive advantage over other OTAs and brick-and-mortar travel agencies.

With this mind, let’s look at a few benefits OTAs will experience from deploying the right B2C software to increase their distribution efficiency and footprint.

Increased Search Results
The speed and degree with which OTAs can return customer searches is a key driver in growth, profitability, and customer relations management. Powerful computing capabilities such as auto-fill, past entry memory, and other convenience functions make it easy for returning users to research based on past entries.

User-friendly Reservation System
We find innovative solutions tailored to match your business’s needs and help you compete in the long run. The business potential of social networks is immense. Brands can leverage social media platforms to successfully drive their objectives across the marketing funnel, from raising brand awareness to increasing store visits. Build an efficient social media management process.
Various Payment Methods
Conversion, or the act of getting a customer to complete purchases in their virtual shopping cart, is a major concern for OTAs in reviewing their sales and distribution. With so many available payment systems in today’s ecommerce landscape, these options at must for every company.
Streamlining Back Office Tasks
In choosing the right B2C software, OTAs can virtually eliminate the need for human intervention, which reduces strain on personnel and increases cost-effectiveness and efficiency. These manual tasks can quickly snowball in an effort to increases sales and distribution.

To help OTAs power the best in B2C selling software, Elite Coaching offers a variety of software solutions that help companies reach their selling and distribution potential. Through a number of integrated technology platforms, companies can leverage increases in productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and cutting complexity across each touchpoint of the value chain.


Our Elite Coaching approach takes business owners through a series of experience and brand development exercises that focus on their company’s total value proposition.


B2C sale is designed to help business owners improve top and bottom-line performance. One aspect of this targets the in-home sales process. The other key criteria helping OTA giants gain customer trust are transparency and attention to detail.

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