MICE & Travel


The MICE & Travel Management is becoming more relevant in the managed travel space.


We see more demand for MICE & Travel Management in several aspects. This includes customized information, knowing and catering to dietary requirements, and new ways of engagement. Elite Coaching can provide all of this and more for MICE travelers with the right technology. 


Our expertise in MICE & Travel Management is based on interpersonal, creative, organizational, and technical skills.

Innovative creativity is needed to design original event concepts, select the right venues, and market effectively. The strong practical component includes technical know-how ranging from audio-visual dexterity to accessing fast-track visa apps. Our team in the MICE sector consists of soft skills such as patience, empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving. 

We are able to take over everything needed from our clients and deliver the duties to the best outcome that can be found in the MICE field.

Business Travel

Experienced and passionate travelers are capable of much more than just teaching people how to travel. Travel Coaches have a deep sense of the power that travel can have on the mind, body, and wellness. Travel Coaches speak the language of the everyday travel dreamer.


Travel Coaches are the secret ingredient for:

Corporate Wellness Programs
Transformative Travel Experiences
Travel Advisor Trainings
Business Travel Initiatives
Wellness Retreats
Attractive and Effective Travel Policies
Remote Workers
Purposeful and Results-Driven Travel
Family, Solo, Adventure, or Luxury Travel
Empower the everyday traveler on how to design their dream travel lifestyle

Look beyond the return on investment on your life or business and shift your focus on the return on value. Travel provides immense value to your mental, physical, and overall well-being. It’s up to you to tap into it.

Travel managers and office managers need to stay ahead of the game. Business travel is constantly changing. With new regulations, health policies, and tax laws, it can be far too easy to lose track of it all and potentially cost your department a lot of time and money. Support your business travel program with expert resources.

International Travel Agents

Together, travel and tourism make up one of the world’s largest industries. While some travelers manage to book their own trips, travel agents still play a major role in luxury, corporate, and group travel. With the industry positioned to grow, there’s never been a better time to train to become a travel agent.

With us you will find the best travel agents in the field to help you grow your business and leave your customers satisfied from the service.

We do offer also trainings and skills developing for existing travel agents and/or for corporate employees that want to star career in international travel business.

Our system advantages for a
profitable and sustainable growth
Everything you need to know about the travel industry, including airline and ground transportation, hotels and resorts, cruises, tours, specialty travel, and more.
All about the international and domestic travel destinations that you are most likely to recommend and sell to your clients.
How to market yourself as a Travel Company
Customer service skills needed as a Travel-Pro

Event Management

Our Event Expert offers you the opportunity of having your own event expert work alongside you. The event management coaching service allows you to design, plan and deliver outstanding events – with the help and guidance of an experienced event manager.

Our coaching services are generally provided on a project by project basis. It may be just one or multiple elements of an event you want help with.

What sets us apart from most event organizers is our ability to create an impact through the use of both conventional and original communication tactics.

Examples of what we do:

Help to design and run a regional conference
Help people transitioning into event management skills
Help to create a full event safety plan
Help to create a how to run successful events
Help to create and write types of event risk assessments
Help event manager a food and beer festival
Help in building corporate events
Organizing Event Accommodation, Transport, Communications, Etc.,

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