Who we are?

About Elite Coaching

Combining technology, marketing strategies, media graphic design and creative writing, Elite Coaching brings forward a highly advanced coaching service and multimedia production center. The company is committed to find solutions specially tailored to the client’s needs and to creating an environment, theoretically and practically, where everyone can learn how to grow their innovative thinking skills.


At Elite Coaching, we believe that the most effective way to help people to improve their professional skills and grow their businesses is by providing real, practical, and adaptive solutions that can be implemented for the best performance in any business field.


Elite Coaching is a company of sustainability. First Travelife certified Company in Albania that audits, certificates, trains, and makes sure that tourist destinations, public institutions, green and sustainable companies are engaged in the implementation of Sustainability Guidelines.


Our team brings a combination of technical expertise, artistic passion, and psychological knowledge that results in effective strategies for businesses looking for growth. We’re dedicated to being a trusted partner who will always have your back—no matter what you need from us.


We are committed to providing you with a coaching experience that is grounded in values that reflect who we are and our commitment to culture, diversity, and education.