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Why Coaching?

Grow Your Business with Expertise

Coaching is a highly personalized and individualized well-being intervention. In these years of our working expertise, we’ve learned quite a lot about how to reliably deliver positive coaching outcomes for all kinds of people. Through our directions and training, growth is predictable.

Elite Coaching provides committed expertise, bringing insight, perspective, and a growth mindset to the coaching relationship.

About Us

We have started our business in the year 2000 in a country where tourism background is relatively old. Since then, the global travel industry environment has seen tremendous changes.

Even though the country which we’re based in, Albania, isn’t following at the same speed with other neighboring countries, our company has always been curious and in line with the global changes. Albania is still under consolidation as a stable destination, and still lacking a clear plan for what we stand for!

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Elite Academy is our brand CSR. Since we are a member of Travelife, we are supporting initiatives that are related to socio-economic impacts such as education and training.

The Academy is open and affordable for everyone and it is a nonprofit organization, Elite Travel Group is directly financing it. External donors are not allowed to donate funds but only support in kind by contributing with “know-how,” trainers, coaches, training, workshops, scholarship programs, and innovative curricula for TOT and for students.

Our Expertise

Tailored Innovative Solutions

Consult with our experts and draft a strategic plan for the future of your business. Get help with your funding and investments, find the right strategies for your growth plan and watch your business expand.


Sales & e-Sales

Elite Coaching smart solutions couple advanced e-commerce technology with deep market insights and experience. As a result, our retail clients enjoy an immediate and unparalleled uplift in revenues and increased customer satisfaction.

HR & Talent Acquisitions

Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be successful a coach requires a knowledge and understanding of the process as well as the variety of styles, skills, and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place.


Marketing &
Public Relations

As marketing and public relations expanded their spheres of activities and as they became more aggressive in communicating with more and more and ever-larger publics, they often ended up talking to the same public, and they sometimes used the same techniques to do it.

Our Primary
Coaching Focus

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NGO Coaching


Humanitarianism is such a human experience, such a contrast with everyday life, that departures and mission returns can be difficult moments to manage.

Education Coaching

Students feel more comfortable interacting with a coach, who is neither a psychologist, a teacher, nor his family while remaining close to his vision and concerns.


It makes it possible to find the balance between what we are and what we want to be, but above all to have the means to reach what we want.

Professional Coaching

For all those who wish to initiate a change in their professional life and harmonize their work-life with their own values…

Elite Coaching offers a big variety of coaching mediation and trainings services

We don’t believe in compromise!

We are a passionate team that specializes in creating premium products and services that ooze quality, performance, and flexibility.





Benefits of Coaching

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Business Advancement
• Market innovation
• Business development
• Potential customers analysis
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Guaranteed ROI
• Goal achievements
• Comparative analysis
• ROI performance
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HR Vision
• Improve Employee Retention
• Fewer Compliance Issues
• Save Time, Money and Energy
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Better Measure
• Revenues and costs
• Tax incentives
• Project detailing
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Competitive Analysis
• Evaluate products and/or services
• Marketing strategy effectiveness
• Competitor analysis
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Flexible Working
• Economical benefits
• Time benefits
• Sustainable benefits
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