Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Vision

We Protect the Places We Love

Places are memories, experiences and spaces to develop ourselves that help in growing our skills and life, individually and collectively. We care about places where we do our business and services. Therefore, apart from the sustainable aspect of our company we do practice other activities that help to keep the environment green and enrich peoples’ lives through education too. Being thorough in our way of doing business is a must for all our employees.


We believe in synergy and sharing. We donate, volunteer, and do as much as we can to ensure that the places we love are there for future generations to enjoy. We’re proud of our team who are passionate about the work they conduct.


Our corporate social responsibility includes also protecting the places we love and transforming other places that are in need of change. We imply a synthesis of practices and regulations, training and certifications, through education and advice to all partners, employers, businesses private and governmental entities we work with. 

We Support Local Communities

We have built the Elite Academy which is our brand CSR. Elite Academy is growing each year and through it, we support initiatives that are related to socio-economic impacts such as education and training. Now Elite Academy is a member of Travelife, which means it has added one more sector to its educational approach.


The Academy is open and affordable for everyone and it is a non-profit organization. Elite Travel Group is directly financing it. External donors are not allowed to donate funds but only support in kind by contributing with “know-how,” trainers, coaches, training, workshops, scholarship programs, and innovative curricula for TOT and for students.

We Volunteer

Apart from our values that convoy into our business code of conduct, we practice volunteering as something that makes us more sensible, responsible people and to educate others that society and environment are also sustained by a volunteering spirit. Therefore, our team has marked trails, cleaned beaches, planted trees, and much more.


Not only for the good of local communities, but it’s also good for us to learn more about nature, people and to keep our world beautifully evolving.