Our History

Early days

We started our business in the year 2000 in a country where tourism background is relatively old. Since then, the global travel industry environment has seen tremendous changes. Even though the country in which we’re based, Albania, isn’t following at the same speed as other neighboring countries, our company has always been curious and in line with the global changes. Albania is still under consolidation as a stable destination, and still lacking a clear plan for what we stand for!


This has been challenging for our company to achieve tirelessly every step that we have accomplished so far. Therefore, we have been more focused to strengthen our business model, not only in Albania but with a further wider border strategy which made us more competitive in the Albanian market but also regionally in southeast Europe. Today we have more than 20 years in the tourism industry and our multidimensional approach to the field has given back all the strength to establish the best-known travel company in Albania.

Now we have a clear strategy based on 5 pillars:


Customer service-centric and quality management mindset.


Diversified product portfolio of travel experiences for B2B and B2C business environment.


Digitization consistency to improve processes and business structure.


Internally suppliers chain mainstream investments and external support to strategic suppliers.


Human recourses constant training and BPO provider.

Our business model, working systems which we are working into sustainably and consistently, will allow our brand to be very strong standing to all Global threats, such as climate & social changes, labor skills, and disruptive digital era implications which are ahead of us. We are prepared to offer a Travel business model, which will be flexible, adaptive, and agile to respond to the good and bad times humanity is going through.


Side to side with Elite Travel Group we have built up one of our company’s branches, Elite Coaching. Elite Travel Group’s business model relies on 4 important core organizational structures, composed of competence centers, profit centers, and cost and service centers.


Elite Coaching is a steadily growing and closely managed competence center that consists of a highly professional team with innovative and progressive entrepreneur capabilities.


With a clear goal in mind, Elite Coaching’s perspective towards Destination Albania & WB6 2030 is border-free, culturally connected, knowledge exchange, peaceful, easy and stress-free living, organized, transparent, democratic, green, smart, active, caring, loving, socially valuable, empathetic individuals and collective existence.