Idea Development
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Idea Development

At Elite Coaching we place major focus in searching for new ideas and developing old ones towards innovation means. Either doing it for our company and staff recruitment or for other businesses and professionals outside Elite Coaching. And we do this for a business idea as well as for product ideas. We build the nature of the strategy according to the idea itself and keep processing it through steady and consistent steps-phases.

Through idea development, a developer or creator is able to flesh out their ideas and come up with concepts that can be implemented in real-world situations by understanding people’s needs and problems.


Idea development/optimization is a step-by-step process through which a pool of ideas is refined by identifying the specific elements of an idea that create the greatest impact. Idea development is simply about implementing different ways of exploring ideas and composing solutions that best solve the problem in the most effective manner.

Our Idea Development & Strategy for the business or product undergoes through these phases:

Inspiration Phase

This is when a creator/developer comes up with an idea and will likely have more than one to consider. In order to flesh out an idea and settle on the most relevant idea, one can implement certain guiding strategies, such as:

Mind Mapping
SCAMPER Technique
Reverse Thinking

Incubation Phase

In developing the idea, we create time to analyze the idea selected in phase one.

At this phase, a creator is able to create a plan on how to develop their idea, understand the best app or methods to use to make the idea a reality, as well as determine the best opportunities/industries or context to implement the idea.

Illumination Phase

This is the processing/evaluation phase where we are able to assess their idea in reference to the plan developed in phase two. We are able to identify weaknesses and work on how best to mitigate them by conducting a critical assessment of the idea. This is the stage where the tools to be used and their features are considered in reference to the goal.

Implementation Phase

Stop thinking and start working — this is the creation phase. At this stage we develop what has been already assessed, what we know the market/context is ready for, and what will be usable.

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