Destination Management
& Sustainability

Sustainability becomes a primary concern for Elite Coaching. We aim, at first, to analyze the development of a destination and its sustainability in terms of business and economic sustainability. Therefore, we take it not only seriously but as well as a base for our future development.

Destination Management is the outcome of an aim to have a high market share within the worldwide tourism. Our Destination Management & Sustainability service has three responsibilities; first of all, we encourage groups to hold meetings, conventions, and trade shows in the city or area it represents. Secondly, we assist those groups with their meetings and meeting preparations. Last but not least, we encourage tourists to visit and enjoy the historical, cultural, and recreational opportunities that the destination offers. Strategic and operational management, resource endowment, and providing transparent information about the performance all significantly influence the success of our management service.

We take Destination Management & Sustainability through sustainable methods that transform and develop the business as well as create long-term value based on innovation, intellectuality and sincere business relationship.

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